Project Description

Braille embossing and Accubraille® strips

At first developed for pharmaceutical packaging, today the use of Braille embossing is reaching new customers for labels and packages for food industry. The blocks are produced from durable material for frequent use. All embossers (matrix and patrix) are ECMA standard compatible. We can also assist for custom-made products. With embedded blocks in the die board you can cut, crease and emboss at the same time with absolutely no difference whether you are using standard crease channels, counter plates or steel counter plates. In order to have even better results the beds are cut in the board as the upper ply of the wood and the upper half of the blocks are made narrow to be used as stoppers. The whole element is movable so you can adjust the pressure. The females can be engraved with maximum number of symbols according to the size of the box and if the text changes, you change only the males.

We can also produce Accubraille® strips for folder gluers with additional module for Braille text.