Project Description


We produce cutting dies for paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, self-adhesive sheets, label dies for all kinds and models cutting machines that use flat dies.

Technology of production

Innovative technology, an absolute alternative of lasers. A pointed sharpened tool is used to cut two ply wood board in order to produce durable and precise die form. The Y-shaped channels are holding the rules in both upper and lower zones of the board with a total range of 6 mm, unlike laser systems in which the range is only 1 mm. High quality calibrated tools are being used to easily eliminate the problems with width of the channels and falling elements off the board during runs. All rules used in our production are delivered from respected European suppliers. We can assist on sheet nesting and optimization and make-ready sheets. Thanks to the innovative technology and the use of highly effective and precise CNC cutting machines, we have the opportunity to effectively repeat your projects.