General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions for production of die boards from Megaden Ltd., subsequent clauses for requirements and realization of orders, organization, payments and deliveries.

1. Forming of an offer, confirmation of an order, additional agreements, specifications.

(1) In order to receive an offer, it is necessary to provide a vector file of the product, type and thickness of the material. The information we send back to you contains a technical drawing and a table with all prices, specifications and terms of production.

(2) The offers are not obligatory and are valid within 30 days from their sending. Orders are processed for production only after receiving written confirmation from the customer. от клиента.

(3) All products will be produced according to the sent and confirmed files from the offer, which must be properly checked before approval.Megaden Ltd. is not responsible for confirmed but unverified files! All errors found later will be corrected at the expense of the customer.

( 4 ) Allamendments and supplementary agreements require written form.

(5) The prices are fixed only when a contract is concluded. If you do not have one, the prices are negotiable.

2. Prices and payments.

( 1 ) (1) The price of the tools is calculated for all used materials, according to the agreed prices or a concluded contract. Prices do not include VAT and transportation.

(2) If production difficulties occur, during the process of preparation of the order, which could not be predicted during the preparation of the offer and which appear in compliance with the forms or deviations indicated by the applicant, Megaden Ltd. reserves the right to increase the price, respectively after discussion and written notification of the client. The same applies in favor of the customer, if there are significant lowering of the expenses as a result of changes in the order.

(3) For customers who do not have agreed terms and / or contract, all orders are prepaid. по издадена фактура.

* За клиенти, които нямат договорени условия и/или сключен договор, всички поръчки се предплащат.

3. Term of production, conditions of delivery, monthly deliveries.

( 1
(1) Term for production of each die board is from 2 to 3 working days след писмено потвърждениеdays after written confirmation, depending on the complexity of the order and the current capacity of the production. Megaden Ltd. has the right to change the production period in case of special requirements from the client, which would take more time for implementation. The same applies when ordering several tools, without a schedule.

(2) For clients who do not have agreed conditions and / or concluded contract, the time for production will start from the moment when information for made advance payment (copy of payment document) is received.

(3) The price in the offer complies with the term for production, indicated in clause(1). We add 30 % to the price for urgent orders and that term is negotiated according to the production capabilities of Megaden Ltd. at the moment.

(4) All completed orders can be received by the customer from the production base of Megaden Ltd. If the products will have to be sent by a courier company, the client must have indicated this in advance and provided the necessary information for delivery with a contracted carrier. All shipping costs are on the customer's side. Megaden Ltd. is not responsible for damaged products after they have been taken from our facilities from a customer, his representative or a courier employee. All delays due to the fault of a courier company and the resulting circumstances and losses should be reported to the servicing transport company. предявяват пред облужващата Ви транспортна компания.

(5) For customers who have agreed terms and / or a contract, clauses (1), (2) and (3) are not valid.

(6) Term for production will be extended if the client has not fulfilled the contractual obligations and commitments.

(7) If there are changes in the requirements for which the customer is responsible, and this has led to a delay in the production process, the time for production will be extended accordingly.

4. Realization of orders, subsequent changes in requirements, changes on prices and delivery, complaints.

(1) The client have to provide the necessary assistance by sending files or give access to other sources of information, suitable for making die board as well as filling an APPLICATION , in which to specify all parameters and requirements for making the requested tool, including a deadline for implementation. всички параметри и изисквания за изработка на заявения инструмент, в това число да посочи и срок за изпълнение.

(2) Execution of orders and terms will be scheduled in case all technical issues between the contracting parties have been resolved and all financial obligations on the part of the client have been paid.

(3) If the production or delivery is delayed due to the specified items (2), all additional costs will be paid by the customer.

(4) The customer must accept the product after proper incoming control (correspondence between the confirmed drawing and the received tool). трабва да приеме продукта, след надлежен входящ контрол (съответствие между потвърден чертеж и получен инструмент).

( 5 )The customer must perform a minimum of 50 cuts after placing the tool in the machine

, as well as to test the functionality of the packaging.

(6) If a defect in the tool is found during the first 50 cuts, the client is obliged to to notif Megaden Ltd. in writing and to indicate how the deviations appear.

( 7 ) (7) If the product does not comply with the assignment or has deficiencies, which are registered by a protocol after the first 50 cuts, the customer must immediately immediately stop preparing the tool for work and ask the contractor Megaden Ltd., at his own expense to eliminate inaccuracies , as soon as possible.

(8) In case of an established defect, which cannot be removed on site, the customer have to send the defective die tool for a repair and all delivery costs will be accounted ot Megaden Ltd.

If the customer tries to eliminate the defect by himself and clauses (4), (5 ), (6), (7) , (8 ) are not observed, MEGADEN Ltd. is not responsible for missed deadlines, benefits, problems with production and etc.

5. 5. Confidentiality.

(1) The information sent in a letter, e-mail, offer, technical drawings, etc., is strictly confidential and is intended for use only between Megaden Ltd. and the client. It must not be distributed or made available to third parties.

(2) Designs, in the form of written documents, drawings or samples may not be provided or transferred to third parties without the approval of both parties.

(3) Projects, drawings, models and samples, which have been developed by Megaden Ltd. in fulfillment of the assignment, will remain the property of the company until the payment is compited.

(4) The client is obliged not to provide information, documents and drawings, developed by Megaden Ltd. to third parties, until the agreed amount for their development is paid. Any unauthorized use gives the company the right to claim compensation for lost profits.